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group activity


I still can't get the module to accept a password but I have another question. I have the module installed on a group activity page. I went to a specific group and configured the module it saved everything except the password. The module for that group showed the email address and the option to subscribe.

I then went into a different group and the module needed to be configured again. So it appears that for every group a new email address and configuration needs to be set up. Is that the expected behavior?

I haven't tried the member activity feed yet.

Would love to get this working. Having the ability to subscribe to an activity feed is so needed!

As is
  1. invite people to join the group
  2. email members of the group
  3. Latest members
  4. my groups
  5. group categories
  6. group location


sbwalker wrote Jul 31, 2014 at 4:48 PM

You are correct, a different email address is required for every group. This is because the content is associated to the group. It is also possible to have a site level activity stream - you just need to place the module on a standard ( ie non-group ) page where you also have a Journal module.